A Smartwatch that Won’t Turn On? Here Are 9 Steps to Fix It (with Pictures)

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A Smartwatch: In the last year or two, smartwatch technology has advanced significantly thanks to the entry of new businesses and the release of innovative products by well-known producers. Unfortunately, despite the expanding number of options, there are still issues with the smartwatch market. But how can a smartwatch fixes if it won’t turn on?

Fortunately, there are numerous methods to increase the value and decrease the frustration of your smartwatch. Check out our list of the most common troubles that smartwatches encounter nowadays if you’re having problems with yours. This list of concerns will assist you in troubleshooting probable problems before purchasing a smartwatch if your smartwatch won’t turn on. How can you fix a smartwatch that won’t switch on? Let’s look at that.

Why Won’t My Smartwatch Light Up?

Most smartwatches have this issue, which is perhaps the most frequent issue. The smartwatch won’t start up for some reason. Here are some potential reasons:

Low battery voltage. When you take your watch in for repairs or upgrade to a new model, or when you haven’t worn it for a time, this typically occurs.

Mobile phone use is not supported by the watch. Due to the different frequency bands that the watch and phone use, connecting the two devices could lead to issues.

The strength of your coverage area is insufficient to power your watch. When switching between cellular and GPS modes, make sure your GPS is set accurately.

Your band is damages or trapped. The watch may not turn on if the band is either too tight or too slack.

You can’t charge your smartwatch. Ensure that you are charging your watch with the appropriate device. Not all smartwatch models include an adaptor that will connect to the majority of chargers, but some do.

Controllers and Watch Faces Don’t switch on

Your watch will face the front of your body, where it is more likely to be struck by clothing and other objects if you wear it facing forward rather than sideways. Your watch will still function if the watch faces are not on backward, however, the display will be fuzzy and colored. To remedy this, simply turn your watch face so that the display is always visible behind the watch and spaced far enough apart so that your face doesn’t get in the way.

How to Fix a Smartwatch that Won’t Turn On: 9 Steps

There are a few things you can attempt in order to try to fix the problem if your smartwatch won’t turn on. To assist you to restart your watch, follow these 9 steps:

First, take off the band

A Smartwatch

This technique is easy to use and doesn’t call for any specialized equipment or expertise. Find the band’s clasp, then carefully release it. You might need to utilize equipment to assist you because the band is tight, which makes this challenging.

Remove the battery cover

A Smartwatch

Your smartwatch’s battery cover positions at one end and is simple to remove.

It’s not as tough as you may imagine taking the battery cover off your smartwatch. Here are five quick steps to assist you to complete the task:

1) To turn off the watch, hold down the power button for roughly 15 seconds.
2) Use a small tool, such as a pair of needle-nose pliers, to pry up on the plastic bezel that surrounds the screen.
3) Lift the watch strap at an angle with your fingers, beginning at the end that is closest to your wrist.
4) Gently detach the strap from the watch’s case.
5) To remove the backplate, lift it while applying pressure to its edges.

Step 3: Eliminate the Battery and Black Plastic

A Smartwatch

On your smartwatch, find the circular port, then slide the black plastic out. Take the battery out of the slot.

Follow these easy procedures if you need to remove the battery cover from your smartwatch:

  1. Deactivate your smartwatch.
  2. If necessary, remove the watch band.
  3. The battery cover can raise.
  4. Take off the battery and any further internal parts.
  5. After changing the battery, screw the lid back on.

Insert the charging cable in Step 4.

Insert the charging cable

Take the charging cable out of its holder, place one end of it in the smart watch’s port, and then attach the other end to a micro-USB charger. Your watch will charge and any lost data will replace.

Step 5: Locate and press the battery cover button.

Because of its small size, the button under the battery cover of your smartwatch won’t be simple to view with one hand alone. With your second hand, find it.

Replace the battery cover in step 6 and press the button.

In the battery case of your smartwatch, replace the button and press it with your finger.

Step 7: Locate the charging connector

  • Connect It
  • To charge your smartwatch, locate the charging port on the cable, then insert it into a USB port on a computer or other device. When your smartwatch is charging, the red light will change to blue.

Step 8: Examine the troubleshooting procedures

Check out some tried-and-true techniques for turning on smartwatches before continuing.

Turn On Your Smartwatch in Step 9

Your smartwatch should now turn on and operational if the previous procedures were successful.

A unique operating system called “SmartOS” uses by smartwatches. Like any smartphone, SmartOS has benefits and drawbacks, but its lack of compatibility with various devices is the biggest drawback. For instance, Samsung’s Galaxy devices include specialized software that enables users to benefit from user-friendly features like push notifications, but other devices do not support the OS.

One of the components that provide a smartwatch its functionality is the OS, thus it’s critical to maintain it updated and tuned for the best performance. The SmartOS, however, is frequently out of current or, worse, misses critical upgrades, which can lead to problems with contemporary gadgets. The app store is an old and constrained issue that frequently arises.

Another difficulty is that some manufacturers only update their products through third-party app shops. All of these problems are solvable, but it requires a certain amount of patience and persistence. The payout is worth it in the long run because the upgraded operating system will always have the best apps.

The Watch Is Free

Several factors contribute to this issue, however, the charging port is the main culprit. An unreliable charging port could either discharge excessively slowly or not at all. You might be unable to charge your watch if the charging port is stuck. If the watch becomes wet, the port could leak or become blocked. Your phone may use excessive power while the watch is inactive if the connection between the two devices is bad or malfunctioning. It could be worthwhile to bring your watch in to be looked at if the charging is slow or inconsistent.

Smartwatch Does Not Have a Backlight

The meaning of this one is obvious. There is no light emanating from the rear of the device when a torch or flashlight is plugged into a watch’s charging connection; nonetheless, the watch will light up to provide you with a flashlight or light source. Although you can use this light for any purpose, it is most useful for navigation or in low light.

You may have a broken light sensor if the light from your watch is either too dark or too bright, which disturbs or distracts you. This is a common issue on many gadgets, but it is especially aggravating with smartwatches because there is no simple solution.

The smartwatch’s curved retractable lens is completely distorted

This one pretty much speaks for itself. The smartwatch’s curved edge suppose to make it more pleasant to wear, but the problem is that it makes the lens broader than it should be. On a regular watch, this wouldn’t be a major concern, but on a smartwatch, it results in an unsightly lens that serves no useful purpose. Stop using the watch or lessen the thickness of the curved edge as a remedy.

The band on the smartwatch is broken or stuck

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Any device that has a stuck or broken band is pretty much doomed to failure, but the majority of smartwatches include bands that can be worn on either hand. When you purchase the watch, the band may be too tight or loose, but once it is on your wrist, the band must fit properly otherwise it will look and feel strange.

It could be challenging or impossible to take off the band or the watch if they are awkwardly tight or loose. Additionally, there is a potential that grit and grime will find their way into the watch’s sensors or buttons, which could impair their performance.

Too Little Room on the Smartwatch

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Although the size of a smartwatch is almost entirely a matter of personal preference, in general, smartwatches are too small to be worn comfortably on the arm or side of the body. This is a legitimate worry if you have small hands or prefer to wear a smaller watch on your wrist, but it’s typically not a deal-breaker.

My Smartwatch Got Stuck in Something, which was the last straw

Stuck in Something,

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Possibly, you accidentally turned on the device when it was in your pocket or purse. Or perhaps you left it in a car or trunk while you were driving? Or perhaps you forgot about it in the kitchen while preparing dinner? Or perhaps you left it there while watching TV in the living room?

Whatever the cause, the gadget became trapped and was impossible to remove. It’s usually preferable to remove your gadget from a sticky situation before taking any action that could end up being damaging. Check out The Best Way To Keep Your Phone Operating During Calls: How to Answer a Call on a Smartwatch for more information.

What caused my smartwatch to malfunction?

Your smartwatch may have stopped working for a few reasons, which this article will discuss.

Your Smartwatch has ceased to receive Bluetooth signals

Make sure the Bluetooth signal is strong if you’re using an Apple or Android device. If it isn’t, connect your smartwatch to another device until the problem fixe. Use a Samsung Galaxy phone in its place, for instance, if you’re trying to connect a Samsung Gear S2 to an iPhone.

When transmitting the signal from one device to another, crashes might occasionally happen. After taking the necessary action to resolve the issue indicated below, consider reconnecting your watch from scratch if you’re still experiencing problems.

Your smartwatch has stopped connecting to your phone

If you’re using an Apple smartphone and your watch has ceased working and is still missing, it’s possible that your gadget and your phone have stopped pairing. Those procedures must be repeated in order to pair the devices:

On the iPhone and Apple Watch, enable Bluetooth. On both devices, enter a passcode if required. On your iPhone, open the “Watch App” and choose “Pair Watch.” Open the “Settings” app on your Android device. Choose “Bluetooth.” Choose “Add Device.” Select your watch from the list of possibilities, then proceed with matching.

When connected, your smartwatch stopped charging

Try the following procedures if your smartwatch won’t charge while linked to a mobile device: Remove the watch’s connection to the phone. Hold down the power button on your watch until it shuts off if you’re using a Samsung carrier. Holding down the power buttons on both devices at the same time will allow you to reconnect them after waiting 10 seconds.

Your smartwatch has stopped connecting to iOS

Please unpair and repair your watch’s connection to your iPhone in order to resolve this problem. Try these steps if it didn’t fix the issue:

On your iPhone, go to “Settings” and choose “General.” Select “Software Update.” Click “Download and Install,” then adhere to the directions.

Android has stopped working with your smartwatch

Try these procedures if your Android phone and smartwatch cease functioning:

Your phone should be opened to “Settings,” then “Apps.” Select “All,” then select “Storage.” Select the notification management app by tapping it. Choosing “Force Stop.” Delete the app. Use a different method or the Google Play Store to reinstall the program.

If you use a Samsung carrier, you can learn more about how to remove apps from Samsung Galaxy smartphones here. This article, for instance, will demonstrate how to use Apps Manager to remove a program from your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Your Smartwatch Has Stopped Working Correctly

Your smartwatch may no longer be operating properly if it stops working with any device. To start, try these:

Try to charge your gadget. Your watch’s battery may need to be changed if it won’t charge. The battery for your smartwatch can change using this instruction if you have an Android or Samsung device. This post will demonstrate how to remove the battery from a Samsung Gear S2 and replace it. Make sure your watch is still covered by the warranty, or if not, invest in an extended warranty.

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