How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 8

How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 8

How to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 8

Updating your Apple Watch to WatchOS 8

The Apple Watch also gets software updates same as the iPhone. They all have the necessary features to fix the issues or any bugs.

If there is any software update available the Apple Watch will let you know it by a notification. Anyhow you have the chance to check and update the Watch to the latest software by yourself.

There are given methods to update the Apple Watch manually or automatically. And you can get some solutions for the issues that you have to face.

How to do the automatic update of the Apple Watch?

  1. If you see any update notification appearing on your Apple Watch, click Update Tonight. Next, you have to confirm the process from your iPhone.
  2. To make sure the update is all finished, keep the both Apple Watch and the iPhone charging near each other. Keep it there like one night. Both of them should be connected to the WiFi.

How to do the manual update of the Apple Watch?

First of all, you have to check whether iPhone is with the latest software update. And connect the both iPhone and the Watch to the WiFi network.

  1. Keep your Apple Watch charging until any of the updates will get completed.
  2. Go to the Watch app on the iPhone and select the My Watch tab.
  3. Click General, and Software Update. If there is any update available, there will be a red number after the Software Update.
  4. If there are no updates available, there will be text your software is up to date, and there are more actions to complete. Click on Install Now if any update is available. Now you will have to give the iPhone or Apple Watch passcode, enter it.
  5. The watch face will show a progress wheel. Put the Watch on the charger and keep it near the iPhone while updating. Make sure not to restart the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Or else do not leave the Watch app while it is updating.

After the update is completed the Apple Watch will get automatically get restart.

How to troubleshoot an Apple Watch that does not update?

Make sure that the Watch and the iPhone are not old to make the updates. The WatchOS 8 is the newest Apple Software, you can only install it on the Apple Watch Series 3 or the latter. If not an iPhone 6s or a later one with iOS 4 or later installation.

If you see the Watch and the iPhone are suitable for the new updates, try troubleshooting the Apple watch with the given steps.

  1. Check if the Watch is connected to the WiFi and if it is charging.
  2. Reseat the Apple Watch.
  3. Restart the iPhone connected with the Apple Watch by keeping pressing the Sleep/Wake buttons till the Slide to power off message appears. Drag it to the slider. Next, turn on the iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
  4. Update the Apple watch after completing the given steps above.

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