Download All Eurostar Stock Firmwares

Download All Celkon Stock Firmwares

Download All Celkon Stock Firmwares

We collect and Share all Eurostar Stock Roms here. If you have any Eurostar Stock or Custom firmware please give us a Link to and help others to fix their phones. You are able to use Below Stock Roms when your phone needed to unroot. Rolback, full system restore, or when phone dead. also i want say. we have dedicated guide line for all these phones. link

  1. Eurostar Onyx 5S
  2. Eurostar Onyx 3S
  3. Eurostar Onyx 2 Plus
  4. Eurostar Onyx 1S
  5. Eurostar ONYX 3 Plus
  6. Eurostar onyx 2 lte SP
  7. Eurostar onyx 3 SP
  8. Eurostar et9183g hm14 SP
  9. Eurostar epad genie et7183g b13 SP
  10. Eurostar epad genie et7183g SP
  11. Eurostar epad femme et8001c g12 16gb Live Suit
  12. Eurostar epad colors et7008c h12 Live Suit
  13. Eurostar epad 5s et7007c RockChip
  14. Eurostar epad 5 et754 k13  RockChip
  15. Eurostar epad 4s et7002c h12 512mb ram Live Suit
  16. Eurostar epad 4s et7002c h12 1gb ram  Live Suit
  17. Eurostar epad 4 et7005c phoenix suit
  18. Eurostar epad 4 et7003c f12 Live Suit
  19. Eurostar epad 3 et1002c d12 8gb  Live Suit
  20. Eurostar epad 3 et1002c d12 16gb  Live Suit
  21. Eurostar epad 2 et754 f12  Live Suit
  22. Eurostar epad 2 et7004r f12 phoenix suit
  23. Eurostar epad 2 et7006c p12 resi RockChip
  24. Eurostar epad 2 et7006c p12 cap  RockChip

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