How to Flash Stock Rom on Verykool S5028 Bolt

Flash Stock Rom on Verykool s5028 Bolt

Flash Stock Rom on Verykool s5028 Bolt

How to Flash a PAC Stock Rom on Verykool s5028 Bolt

There are some instructions to flash PAC Stock Rom on Verykool s5028 Bolt using Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool. If you suppose to use this tool then you must have Spreadtrum Device. We include Verykool s5028 Bolt Stock firmware link to This guide. 

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  • This is a Guide only so we are not responsible for any damage. Do this your own risk but If you have problem contact us then our one of member will help you.
  • This Stock Rom has to be installed on this model only.
  • If you want to Flash Upgraded Rom then you have to Find Upgraded Stock or Custom Rom. (Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat.)


  • Phone’s Procerssor Must be Spreadtrum. Check it
  • Your android smartphone should have atleast 40-50 percent of battery to perform the flashing process.
  • USB drivers
  • After Root, What can Do 

Step 1

Download Verykool s5028 Bolt USB Drivers

If you can connect and share data phone to pc then you no need to install this. if not,  Download and install Spreadtrum USB Driver on your PC.

Download and install USB Driver on your PC

Step 2

Download Verykool s5028 Bolt Stock Rom/Firmware

Download Stock Rom (PAC) for your Android Smartphone. this is the main software in your phone. 

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Step 3

Download and Unzip Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool on your PC.

Step 4

After that,you will be able to see the following files:

Flash Stock Rom on Verykool

Step 5

Click “Upgrade Download” Connect your Verykool s5028 Bolt to the PC, once your Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool is launched.(Remember your device switch off)

Flash Stock Rom on Verykool

Step 7

If your Verykool is connected successfully to the PC,click on the Load Packed Button and add the .PAC file.(Stock Rom in .PAC)


Step 8

Start Flashing Stock Firmware to your Verykool s5028 Bolt

If you have successfully added .PAC file in Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool

click on the Start Downloading button to begin the flashing.

Step 9

Your Verykool s5028 Bolt will restart automatically during the flashing process.

Step 10

Once the flashing process completes, you will be able to see the Green Passed Message in Spreadtrum Upgrading Tool.

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Step 11

If you come a Cross Green Pass then you successfully Flash Your Verykool s5028 Bolt. But You had better Hard reset It before Use it.


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Verykool s5028 Bolt is totally dead

Phone doesn’t respond to power button or only vibrates after pressing the power button. 

progress bar stuck at waiting

After clicking Start Downloading” and connecting the Spreadtrum Device, the progress bar gets stuck Waiting…

  • Make Sure the phone is Turn off with a enough charged battery.
  • Reinstall USB drivers, try with differnt USB Port
  • Tap and Hold the Volume down button while Connecting to PC.
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USB device not recognized

This error is not related to phone or tool. however you can fix it from here.

Failed: Operation failed Verykool s5028 Bolt

  • Try different pac file
  • Reinstall USB drivers, try with differnt USB Port
  • Try Current version of Research Download tool

Failed incompatible partition Verykool s5028 Bolt

  • Try Current version of Research Download tool
  • Try with this method

Image size is over its partition

  • Try Current version of Research Download tool
  • Try with this method

Failed: Open port fail

Disconnect your Phone from PC and Remove the battery. after, Tap and hold the Volume down button when connecting to the PC.

Failed: User cancel – Verykool s5028 Bolt

  • Press and hold the Volume down button when connecting to Computer for flashing and please don’t release till flashing is complete
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Failed: uart send error

  • Try different pac file
  • Reinstall USB drivers, try with different USB Port
  • Try Current version of Research Download tool

I can’t Flash Stock Rom to Verykool s5028 Bolt

Please follow the guide step by step again or Leave a Comment with error message then we can help you. Read more

Verykool s5028 Bolt stuck at Boot logo or Bootloop

First boot is nomally Slow so, please wait 5min. If not wokrs then remove the battery and insert it back. Try to reset your phone. If it give any error code please Leave a comment with it. Read more

Verykool s5028 Bolt not works after flashing

What is the error message that you get? Can you give it then we can help you. How ever we can recommend you to Follow the guide line step by step again.

Fix Bootloop /continuously restart on Verykool

Try to Hard Reset Your Verykool Device. More Details

How to Write IMEI on Verykool s5028 Bolt

Sometimes, after Flashing your phone, you have to Rewrite IMEI. so you may need to Flash IMEI too. use this guide for it.

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