Download All Haier Stock Rom Firmwares || Fully Tested

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Download All Haier Stock Rom Firmwares || Fully Tested

We collect And Share All Haier Stock Roms here. If you have Any Haier Stock Or Custom firmware Please give us A Link to And help Others to fix their Phones. You Are Able to use Below Stock Roms when your Phone needed to unroot. Rolback, full system restore, Or when Phone dead. Also i want say. we have dedicated guide line for All these Phones.

  1. Haier Voyage V3 Sp
  2. Haier E619 512MB Sp
  3. Haier AE 6 Sp
  4. Haier M311 Sp
  5. Haier T51 Sp
  6. Haier A40 Sp link
  7. Haier T52P Sp
  8. Haier A45 Sp link
  9. Haier T50 Sp
  10. Haier E700G Sp
  11. Haier G800 Sp
  12. Haier HV102L Sp
  13. Haier T54P Sp
  14. Haier A41 Sp
  15. Haier W627 Sp
  16. Haier Hit Sp link
  17. Haier E701 Sp
  18. Haier G801 Sp
  19. Haier Zio P2 MT6572 V1 sp link
  20. Haier Zio P2 MT6572 V2 sp link
  21. Haier Zio S2 W850 S013 VN qc link
  22. Haier BCD461 GMT C320 V1.20 sp link
  23. Haier Leisure L7 qc link
  24. Haier U33 MT6580 sp link
  25. Haier Voyage V6 R1 MT6750 sp link
  26. Haier Voyage V6 R2 MT6750 sp link
  27. Haier L55 MT6735M sp link
  28. Haier L55s H01 S009 PK MT6735 sp link
  29. Haier L55S MT6735 sp link
  30. Haier HM-I506 TL MT6737M sp link
  31. Haier HM-I502 FL MT6735 sp link
  32. Haier I80 MT6592 19062016 sp link
  33. Haier G7 Lite MT6737M sp link
  34. Haier G7 ID MT6737M sp link
  35. Haier G7 G552 MT6737M sp link
  36. Haier G7 G552 S001 MT6737M sp link
  37. Haier G7 G552 MT6737M S004 171113 sp link
  38. Haier G7 EN S010 MT6737M sp link
  39. Haier G7s Tigo MT6737M sp link
  40. Haier G7s Tigo 10 MT6737M sp link
  41. Haier G7s Sri MT6737M sp link
  42. Haier G7s RU MT6737M 15072017 sp link
  43. Haier G7s RU MT6737M 26042017 sp link
  44. Haier G7s H03 S001 MT6737M sp link
  45. Haier G7s G61 H01 S001 MT6737M 17032017 sp link
  46. Haier G701 Tigo MT6737M sp link
  47. Haier G701 MT6737M sp link
  48. Haier G31T MT6580 sp link
  49. Haier G61 H02 S002 AM MT6737M sp link
  50. Haier G50 S014 MT6735M sp link
  51. Haier G31s MT6580 sp link
  52. Haier G31s MT6580 sp link
  53. Haier G01 S002 MT6572 sp link
  54. Haier A42P MT6580 sp link
  55. Haier G01 S002 MT6572 sp link
  56. Haier 6150E Volte MSM8916 V4 ld link
  57. Haier 6171E Volte MSM8916 V0 03 ld link
  58. Haier G101 MSM8909 V6 ld link
  59. Haier JS-500 MT6572 S007 PK 11202015 sp link
  60. Haier S1 SGC113i V1 03 fp link
  61. Haier G10 MT6572 20092015 sp link
  62. Haier P4500 MT6580 5.1 H01 S010 sp link
  63. Haier W919 MT6589 4.2.1 sp link
  64. Haier T757 MT6572 4.2.2 sp link
  65. Haier G31 H02 sp link
  66. Haier L52 MT6735M 5.1 M18F OP1 B3B7B20 sp link
  67. Haier W826 H01 S003 sp link
  68. Haier HL 6370T pf link
  69. Haier E858 20141020 pf link
  70. Haier E757 H01 S06 CT pf link
  71. Haier E718 India V0 08 20140731 pf link
  72. Haier E720 V2 06 20150205 pf link
  73. Haier Esteem sp link
  74. Haier HT A6 H01 S012 CHN HT A6 CHN V12.1 sp link
  75. Haier HT A6 H02 S013 CHN HT A6 CHN V13.0 140609 sp link
  76. Haier HM G351 sp link
  77. Haier HL Y500 sp link
  78. Haier HL sp link
  79. Haier G31 H02 sp link
  80. Haier G30 H01 S011 sp link
  81. Haier E451 S001 150923 sp link
  82. Haier 6190W H01 S01 5.0.zi sp link
  83. Haier E621 V3 03 20140723 pf link
  84. Lava EG841 VG 190430 017 pf link
  85. Haier 6180W RU S05 2014 0903 pf link
  86. Haier HM N501 FL sp link
  87. Haier Zio X5 H01 A2 S003 VN fp link
  88. Haier Y102 20151113 sp link
  89. Haier W717 3G sp link
  90. Haier W716 Movistar sp link
  91. Haier Pad G781 sp link
  92. Haier Pad Mini 782 BM20140922.SV1.4 pf link
  93. Haier L53 H08 S008 sp link
  94. Haier HT X50 V1.2 V150929 sp link
  95. Haier HT A8 V4.1 sp link
  96. Haier HT I859 T820 M00 S08 fp link
  97. Haier I619 V09 fp link
  98. Haier L61 V1 04 20151203 pf link
  99. Haier L901 H02 S11 2014 1204 pf link
  100. Haier Maxx 20140428 154818 pf link
  101. Haier L50 6171E V2 00 20150123 pf link
  102. Haier L32 sp link
  103. Haier P867 140417 sp link
  104. Haier T750W 14.05.07 sp link
  105. Haier Y716 W726 PK M10 S02 sp link
  106. Haier W870 H0X S001 sp link
  107. Haier W970 H01 sp link
  108. Haier W910 pf link
  109. Haier W867 EUR S22 sp link
  110. Haier W867 W830 EUR M00 S15 sp link
  111. Haier W861 4.4.2 sp link
  112. Haier W860 sp link
  113. Haier W858S H01 A2 S S003 pf link
  114. Haier W858 H01 A1 S012 pf link
  115. Haier W852 MP sp link
  116. Haier W852 MP RU S98513A1 sp link
  117. Haier W818 V0 08 20140821 pf link
  118. Haier W816 sp link
  119. Haier W757 SW S98045D4 V010 RU MTS sp link
  120. Haier W719 W727D RU M00 S006 A sp link
  121. Haier W719 W727D RU M00 S012 sp link
  122. Haier W618 SC7715 20140612 fp link
  123. Haier W718J sp link
  124. Haier W718J SW 97718AZ2 ABROAD V005 sp link
  125. Haier W718J SW 97718A ABROAD V013 sp link
  126. Haier W717 MT6572 4.4.2 M08 sp link
  127. Haier W717 MT6572 4.4.2 M08 V01 sp link
  128. Haier W716S W727D MTS M00 S003 sp link
  129. Haier W716S W727D RU M00 S002 sp link
  130. Haier W716S W727D RU M00 S007 sp link
  131. Haier W716S W727D VN M00 S001 sp link
  132. Haier W716S W727D VN M00 S002 sp link
  133. Haier W716S W727S TR M00 S002 sp link
  134. Haier W716 W726 FR M10 S04 sp link
  135. Haier W716 W726 TW M10 S01 sp link
  136. Haier W716 W729 VE M10 S11 sp link
  137. Haier W701 H01 S002 VN SIM LOCK sp link
  138. Haier Voyage V5 sp link
  139. Haier Esteem i70 EU MT6592 4.4.2 sp link
  140. Haier Esteem i70 PK MT6592 4.4.2 sp link
  141. Haier Esteem i50 5.0 H01 S003 sp link
  142. Haier Esteem i50 H01 S001 PK sp link
  143. Haier Esteem i50 H01 S010 sp link
  144. Haier Esteem i50 H01 S011 sp link
  145. Haier Esteem i50 H01 S012 sp link
  146. Haier H01 S002 DUAL MT6582 5.0 sp link
  147. Haier Hurricane Sp
  148. Haier G8 Sp
  149. Haier Esteem i80 Sp –  linkLink
  150. Haier L8 Qc  link
  151. Haier I6 Sp
  152. Haier L7 Qc


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  1. device name:P4500
    Model Name: HM-G503-W

    i have a doubt as which of the above Roms sould i install on my device?

    if you can help me find the stock rom for my haier device.