Fixed-Android stuck in safe mode

Android stuck in safe mode

Android stuck in safe mode

Fixing the problem of Android stuck in safe mode.

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Today, in this post I’m guiding you through some simple steps to come out from you Android device which is stuck in safe mode. This is a common issue faced normally by everyone using Android devices.

Android stuck in safe mode

Safe mode, as the name itself signifies does not let the device run as it wants, or as you manipulated its settings. When turned on, it will run only with the default settings of the manufacturer. Safe mode is a very effective feature which can be used to fix the system errors and software compatibility issues. Sometimes, the devices might even show “No service” and it also gets stucked in the safe mode. There is no need to get panic. Just follow the below steps to come out of the problem you are facing. When stuck in safe mode, you can’t make any calls, use third party applications etc.

I’m going to give the detailed solutions. Try them one by one. As the reason might be different, one of it will really work.

Power off:

Press the power button and click on Power off. When you press the power off button, you get multiple options which include Restart and reboot. Do not press any of those. Sometimes, this will help. But, most of the times this will not fix the issue. Try your luck!

Android stuck in safe mode

Remove The Battery

Try removing the battery from the phone. Remove the sim cards as well. Wait for some time before inserting it back in to the respective slots. If the battery is fixed, just switch off the device for 10-15 minutes and then reboot. If you use non-removable battery skip this

Android stuck in safe mode

Stuck buttons:

The most common issue among all. When you switch the phone into Safe mode, you usually use power, and two volume buttons to do so. If one these buttons get stucked anywhere during these process, then it results in the phone getting stucked in the Safe mode. This is not even noticeable as it looks normal when seen. Clean the buttons area.

Wiping the Cache memory:

Sometimes the cache gets accumulated in the apps. This also is one of the reasons for the device getting stucked in the safe mode. So, try clearing the cache memory.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> choose the app which you want to clear the cache from and press “clear cache “.

Disable safe mode

Uninstalling some third party applications:

The apps which you might have installed recently may also cause the device to get stucked in the safe mode. Try uninstalling the app which you have recently installed before facing the problem. Go to Settings -> apps -> search for the apps and press delete.

Factory reset:

This should be the last choice among all, since it deletes all the data and applications installed by you. It brings the state back to initial state of the device when you took it new. If you done with all the above steps and ended up with the same issue, then proceed.  Better have data back up before doing so. But, one thing is for sure that following this step would definitely solve most of the issues including this issue as well. Read MoreHard Factory Reset Android Device

Go to Settings -> Back up and reset -> Factory data reset

Turn off safe Mode

I hope you have got your phone back working normally .If you are still facing the issue or stuck at some steps, then please comment below. One of us will get back to you quickly. We have also made many posts regarding the rooting of the devices, the steps to tackle the errors during so, please go through if interested. I hope you will like it. Thanks!

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