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Fixed – a Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in Boot Loop

Fixing a Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in Boot Loop

Hello Everyone! Welcome back. Today, I’m guiding you through the steps to fix the Samsung galaxy phone stuck in Boot Loop ( Restart Continuously). After Flash or reset.  Samsung galaxy phone is exceptionally a very good phone with regard to the features and the ease of use. But sometimes, the device gets stucked on the home screen not letting the user do anything. This is technically called boot loop. You don’t have to get scared. Al you have to do is to follow the below given steps sequentially to come out. There are many options for this cause. Depending on the reason, you can start tackling the problem.


First Remove the Battery and Check


  • Start by removing the device’s battery and wait for a few minute’s before putting it back in your phone.
  • Switch off for non-removable battery phones for five to ten minutes

Hard Factory Resetting your Phone:

The easiest and effective way to come out of boot loop mode is to resetting the phone. But, it is not easy as we say. It comes with certain side effects too, which can’t be ignored as well. This results in deletion of all the apps installed from your side including all the data. If you OK with all these effects, only then you can proceed. I recommend you to have a data back up to be on the safer side.

Step 1:

Press the power button and turn off your phone.

Step 2:

Press Power+ Volume up+ home button

Resetting your Phone

Step 3:

Release the power button, once the phone starts to reboot.

Resetting your Phone

Step 4:

Release it when you get Android system recovery screen.

Resetting your Phone

Step 5:

browse through wipe data/factory reset to select the application and confirm it by pressing power button.

boot loop

Step 6:

Select Yes-Delete all user data and use power button to confirm, and then select reboot system now and confirm by pressing power button.

Continuously RestartContinuously Restart

Wait for the system to complete the reboot, this might take some time. Wait with patience until it restarts. you can also Clear Wipe /cache of your phone


Flashing the stock firmware to come out of Boot Loop:

Step 1:

Turn off your Phone.

Step 2:

Download and install Odin tool.  Odin, is an internal tool developed by Samsung for rooting the Android devices. It works for almost all devices, but preferably the best for Samsung phones.

Step 3:

Download Official Samsung firmware. The firmware file is different for different models. So, make sure that the downloaded file is corresponding to the particular version which your phone is having. Read More – Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM

Step 4:

Boot your phone to Download mode by pressing Power+ Home +Volume down buttons simultaneously.

Flashing the stock firmware to come out of Boot Loop

Step 5:

Connect the phone to your PC, and flash using the Odin tool. Read More – Odin For Beginners

Choose Flash File and Click Start to Flashing Read More About – Flashing Samsung Galaxy It will take some time, wait patiently till it completes. If it done Correctly it will show green Pass.




Restarting the phone in Safe mode to come out of boot loop:

Restarting the phone in Safe mode to come out of boot loop

Booting the phone in safe mode would help you delete, uninstall or undo any changes which you have done recently in your phone.

Step 1:

Turn off your phone.

Turn off the Device

Step 2:

Hold the volume down button, once you see the Samsung logo.

Step 3:

wait for some time till it loads. A safe mode indicator will be displayed once it’s done. Read More AboutSafe mode


Thanks for reading the posts completely. I hope the posts helped.We have also written posts regarding the Odin tool and flashing, so please go through if interested and feel free to drop the comments. One of us will get back to you quickly.

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