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Pros and cons of Custom Android ROM

Pros and cons of Custom Android ROM

Hi everyone! I’m discussing the positive / good and negative / bad things of having the Custom ROM today. Android is an open source. Anyone can get its code and start developing depending on their own needs.  This is the main reason why Custom ROM came in to existence and people started installing Custom ROM rather than having the Stack ROM which doesn’t give any complete control.First I’m going to tell you as why would someone want to go for Custom ROMRead More – Stock Rom vs Custom Rom

Reasons to Flash Custom ROM

Pros and cons of Custom Android ROM


Replaces the Manufacturers App with stock version of Android

When you have the manufacturers stock versions installed in your devices. You will not have any choice of having control on your device independently. The companies like HTC, Nexus and Samsung has their own look. People usually get bored by their stock version eventually. You can change the launcher without rooting your device, but you cannot turn down the fact that you will not have the complete customization. But, if you have lost interest in the manufacturer’s version, then you can try this. Read More – After Root, What can Do 


Dump System Apps

Reasons to Flash Custom ROM

When you buy a new Smartphone, it comes with some pre-installed apps which you cannot delete. Manufacturers usually disable the uninstall options for such apps. Most of the applications are needy for the users, but it also includes many apps which are irritating and keeps on popping every now and then. These apps are called as bloatwares. You can uninstall these apps if you have Custom ROM. I have also created a detailed post as to how to delete the Bloatwares from your phone. Please go through the same for better understanding.

Read More : Delete System apps after Root

Updated versions of Android

Manufactures usually do not roll out the new updates. It takes ages to roll-out the next update. But in Custom ROM, you can have the latest Version installed all the time. This is the most efficient and perfect reason as to why the people prefer Custom ROM than Stock ROM. You have many such ROMs to get this done have the recent update. But, cyanogenmod is one such app which comes too handy when you are doing this.

Pros and cons of Custom Android ROM


Configure App Permissions

When you use any app, your identity information are usually fetched by the apps, for instance, the locations in certain apps such as Facebook, or the mobile number and contacts when you play some internet games etc. When you have Custom ROM, then you can easily set the permissions on the device Apps, which is an added advantage.

Give App Permissions

Reasons to Flash Custom ROM


Miscellaneous Features

  • Provision for root access
  • You can avoid having the bottom navigation bar, if you want more screen space.
  • Fully featured tablet interface
  • Avoid some warning which continuously pops up in manufacturers versions
  • Customising your whole Android Operating system looks.


Reasons to Avoid Custom ROM

Read More – Enable OTG support on Device

Even though the Custom ROMs let you do many things, you cannot turn down the fact that it does have some constraints which also lets you not to go for it if you don’t want the backlash in future. It is not perfect. I have listed out some of the cons of the Custom Apps; this should not prevent you from having it. But, you should know it. If you are really concerned about the negative points, only then avoid having Custom ROM.

Battery health issues

The official ROM may drain lesser battery than customized ROMs. So, if are really concerned about this, then you should avoid Custom ROM.

Battery health issues



The Custom ROMs are not tested by any authority or genuine manufacturers. So, it might contain some Bugs in it. Read More – Increase Internal Rom SIZE After Root on

Reasons to Avoid Custom ROM

Issues related to Hardware

Custom ROM sometimes also ends up pretty strange resulting in some hardware’s not working properly sometimes. The device audio recording system might go wrong or the camera etc.


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