Report: Amazon Is Building a Home Robot Powered by Alexa

Home Robot

Report: Amazon Is Building a Home Robot Powered by Alexa

The Vesta device, which has the nickname “Echo on wheels,” could soon arrive at your house.
According to reports, Amazon is engaging in a top-secret Vesta Home Robot project. Although the robot is now in the “late-prototype” design stage, Amazon staff are reportedly worrying about the project’s marketability and production delays.

Home Robot

Amazon Is Stepping Into Robotics

More than 800 Amazon personnel are now working on the Vesta robot project.

Vesta is one of the largest internal projects going on in Amazon’s Lab126. The same group is responsible for developing popular technology like the Amazon Echo smart speaker, the Kindle e-reader, and most importantly, Alexa.

Insider talked to six Amazon employees involved with the project, who gave information on the condition of anonymity. As you would expect for a firm of this scale and a project of this magnitude.

Two Amazon insiders involving with the project called Vesta a “Fire Tablet mounted on wheels”. Others likened it to a photo Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shared on Instagram some years ago. Here his kids taping a smart speaker to a robotic vacuum (it has nothing on Parks & Recreation’s DJ Roomba, mind you).

In summary, Amazon is creating an Echo on wheels that will follow you around the house.

However, the Vesta team members who work for Amazon are worrying. In the recent past, Amazon has created products that have never released. The business lost at least $170 million on the disastrous Amazon Fire phone in 2014. Because product write-downs and sunk expenses, not including development and marketing costs.

Who Wants Amazon Echo to Follow Them Around?

Amazon Echo devices and other smart assistants are now widely accepted. However, they typically remain seated in a corner of your kitchen or living area and only speak when necessary. They are primarily passive technologies that are also simple to use and quiet.
Different conversation: an Amazon smart assistant that can navigate your house automatically. Are customers truly interested in adding additional Amazon devices to their homes? one that can move objects, map areas, and keep tabs on everything occurring?

The project’s Amazon employees who are voicing worry may have a point. Vesta has anticipated to far more expensive than previous Amazon smart home items. However, the Insider article does not specify a potential retail price. Amazon Home Robot is a greater opportunity for all people who love a smart world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Amazon Astro robot do?

When combined with a Ring subscription, it can patrol your house and serve as a security guard. It can also fart and burp. In other words, the Astro is an on-wheels version of everything that Amazon’s smart home devices and services already accomplish. The Astro, however, is a robot.

How much does a personal robot cost?

Cost. You can purchase an  AI assistant at various pricing points. The amount of work the robot performs and the level of detail of the tasks will affect this. The majority of these goods have a price range of $60 to $800. But a machine with all of its features may easily cost thousands of dollars.

What is the most advanced robot right now?

Ameca is the most sophisticated and lifelike humanoid robot in the world. Ameca is the most advanced, most realistic humanoid robot ever created, and it represents the most cutting-edge humanoid robotics technology. It has created by Engineered Arts, the top designer, and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots.

What is Amazon Echo used for?

As a smart speaker, Amazon Echo is capable of more than just playing music. With the help of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, the Echo can do a lot of things. Including providing weather information, making shopping lists, assisting you in the kitchen, and controlling other smart devices like lights and televisions.

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