Spy Microphone: The tool To Detoxify Your WorkPlace

I had been working in the marketing sector for the last ten years. But it has been a few years since I started my business. I thought I was well prepared but it was just a mere fact. In reality, I was not. On paper things are so much different, they are calculative and approachable and more importantly, they are just theory. I was prepared but just with the calculative risks. Ground realities shook me hard and for a while, I thought may b I decided haphazardly maybe I should have waited a few more years.

The thing about ground realities is that they are always different with different variables. For example, I did not know that running a business means too much paperwork and a lot more dealings. Inside the office, you have to deal with employees’ attitudes, so-called tantrums and more importantly politics. Maybe I am an experienced businessman who knows what he is doing in his eye but for others, I am just an owner of the startup business. Sometimes I am unable to grasp the whole situation about who is right and wrong and even why anything is so important that we have to call a meeting.  One of my major team kind of has two alphas as far as work skills are concerned one is male other is female and don’t know why but they were giving me a severe headache. I thought I hired all the professional people but turned out there were many immature ones as well. One day when they were again standing in front of me with a lame topic I called an IT team right away after dealing with their problem. I asked them to search for an app that can help me keep an eye and ear on the employees. I wanted features like a spy microphone and they referred me OgyMogy spy app since the day we have started using it things in real have slowed down. 

Here is how you can make your workplace a toxic-free region with the help of a spy app. 

Maybe Spread the News:

Even so, turned out it is completely in the employer’s hands to let the employee know or don’t about the use of the employee monitoring app. So I thought why not spread the news unofficially. Maybe that will make the trouble makers a little careful. Let me break the news this happened. Both of the parties have not come to my office since the spread of news of employee monitoring through spy apps. 

Use Company-owned gadgets only:

One important thing to keep in mind is that an employer had to follow some rules and regulations to keep the monitoring under a legal framework. It is not right to monitor the employees through personal cellphones or laptops even though it is for work purposes only. Only company-owned gadgets must be used. Well, the news spread like a fire.

Track the trouble Makers:

One of the features offered by the OgyMogy spy app for android is the spy microphone feature. It allows the user to listen to the target person at any given time through the cellphone mic. Listen to the employees during working hours, breaks and official and unofficial meetings through the mic bug feature. By using the feature one can track anyone spreading rumours, or starting lame fights. Save the proof and warn them before taking strict action.

Keep The Employees Under Observation:

Another feature that can help the user is the camera bug features. An employer can keep the employees under observation through this feature. One can remotely control the camera of the target device in order to keep an eye on the employees. Track those who are sloppy at work and make them responsible for their actions.

For the record that fighting couple announced their engagement at the last official party. But their constant fights paved a way for me. I am using the employee monitoring app now and I am more than satisfied with the performance. The app offers three different kinds of a bundle for the users. You can choose anyone that suits your needs and be stress-free. Now I am free from petty matters and can solely focus on my business.

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