Steps to Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

Whenever you are going for flashing/rooting your device for Custom ROM, first step would be to unlock the Phone’s Bootloader. In this post today, I’m going to guide you through the steps to be followed to do the same. We have also done many posts on different trouble shootings during flashing/rooting and on technology update news. Please go through all the posts and feel free to leave comments anytime. Read More – Stock Rom vs Custom Rom

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

When I quoted that, we can unlock the bootloader doesn’t mean that you can do it on all phones. Some phones don’t let you do this where as some other phones doesn’t hold you back from doing so. It all depends upon the manufacturer of your phone, the model to be more precise. HTC, Motorola are some of the devices which let you open or unlock the Bootloader.

As said earlier, other devices doesn’t permit you to unlock the bootloader. If you have any doubts regarding whether your device support unlocking the bootloaders or not, you can have a quick search on google. But, the steps I’m guiding through would only be to the ones who have permissions.  There are some unofficial methods of unlocking which we would be discussing in other posts. Read More – Enable OTG support on Android Device

Detailed Step to unlock the bootloader:

Step 1:

When we deal with any flashing/rooting or unlocking things, we have to backup the data, since it results in the permanent deletion of the data .

Step 2:

Install Android SDK

You require the latest versions of the Phone’s USB drivers. If you are already having, then please check for the versions. It should be the latest version. One more thing which you need is Android Debug Bridge, a command line tool which lets you have an interface with your phone.

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

If you do not have any of this, then download the Android SDK tool from Android SDK page. After downloading and installing, reboot if needed. If you want the serial number and other information, just open the command prompt and type ->

adb devices

It gives all the required information of your phone.

Step 3:

Debugging USB

Open App drawer ->Settings -> About phone

The prompted contains an option called “Build number”. Tap on it for 7 to 8 times. You will end up getting a message, saying that you are now a developer. Read More – Increase Internal Rom SIZE After Root on Android Device.

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

Now, go back to main settings page , under developer action -> OEM unlocking.

In that, select enable USB debugging, enter the password to complete this process.

Step 4:

Getting Unlock key

This step is only for non-nexus devices. You can skip these steps if you are a nexus user. Open manufacturer’s bootloader unlocking page and choose your device and login.

Unlock your Android Phone’s Bootloader

The next steps are unique for different mobiles, but the funda of the tasks are almost the same.


  • Turn off and boot into fast boot mode.
  • Hold the power + volume down for about 8-10 seconds.
  • Connect the phone to PC with USB cable.
  • Open the platform -> Tools from SDK folder.
  • Open Command prompt and retrieve the unlock key as described by the manufacturer. The command prompt now throws a long string values. Just copy the same and paste it to the applicable box and submit. You will receive if it completes successfully.

Step 5:

Unlock your phone

You should have your mobile running in the fastboot mode.

Open platform -> Tools from SDK folder and click on the empty space. Then, run the command

For nexus devices ->

fastboot flashing unlock - New 

fastboot oem unlock - Older version

(boot loader) 23A55000385128712810#54303736303030       (boot loader) 4773A55000385128712810#543037363030      (boot loader) #5430373638512871280000000000000030      (boot loader) 2810#5430851287128810#5430373630303     (boot loader) 00000010

Depending on the device, you should run this command. If everything is done successfully, then it will ask you to reboot.  Congratulation on unlocking the phone bootloader. I hope the post helped.


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