You Can Now Tell Alexa to Plant a Tree for You

Amazon tree plantation program

You Can Now Tell Alexa to Plant a Tree for You

Find out how you can contribute to One Tree Planted by just asking Amazon’s virtual assistant. You also can contribute Amazon tree plantation program through Amazon.

Amazon tree plantation program

Anyone can now contribute to the global planting of trees by giving Amazon Alexa a short voice command.

We’re looking more closely at the new feature and the ways in which you can participate.

“Alexa, Grow a Tree”

Amazon Alexa is a powerful voice assistant that can assist you with a wide range of tasks.

In US, people who have devices with Alexa can say,  “Alexa, grow a tree.”

By using the voice command, you’ll give $1 to the One Tree Planted organization in order to plant one tree.

Through an Amazon Pay account, you can also keep track of and see how many trees you’ve contributed in planting.

With the help of the tool known as Amazon Pay, you can pay for goods and services on external websittes. Payment methods have linked to your Amazon account.

Where Your Donation Is Helping

Amazon will provide One Tree Planted with an additional $1 million in addition to user donations.
Restoration of mining sites, Appalachia, and a California forest fire are a few of the earliest projects.

Fruit tree planting programs are also conducted to help hungry people in India and to improve the habitat of Pacific Northwest’s orca whales.

More than 40 million trees have planted by One Tree Planted since 2014 in 43 different countries. 23.5 million trees were planted in 2021 alone.

Part of Amazon’s Sustainability Efforts

Amazon’s involvement with One Tree Planted is only one of their sustainability programs.
The Climate Pledge is one of Amazon’s main initiatives. More than 300 additional well-known organizations have joined the campaign. It was first started by Amazon and Global Optimism, to achieve carbon-neutral by 2040.

Look into the program and the Climate Pledge Friendly Badges that are showing up on some Amazon purchases.

Tackling Climate Change One Tree At a Time

Turning on the lights or asking Alexa to play a tune while planting a tree are both simple ways to fight climate change.
It’s a simple but unique method to benefit the environment. So far, Amazon tree plantation program has contributed in many ways to improve our ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an Amazon Alexa do?

It can use to communicate with voice commands, play music, create to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and provide real-time information such as weather, sports, traffic, and news. Using itself as a system for home automation, Alexa can also manage a number of smart gadgets.

Can we replant the trees in the Amazon?

A new initiative aims to restore the largest rainforest in the world by planting millions of young trees. By 2023, hope to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon. The project was unveiled in Brazil in September

Does Amazon plant trees?

If all goes according to plan, 73 million new trees will add to the Amazon jungle next six years. The project funded by Conservation International, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, and several other NGOs and businesses. Such as large-scale planting of trees.

What is Alexa growing a tree?

Americans who have an Alexa-compatible device can now use the command “Alexa, grow a tree”. Then you can pay $1 to One Tree Planted in order to plant a tree. Trees are vital for living. They create clean air and water. And also provide a stable climate and habitat for species are some of the major uses of trees.

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