Common Reasons for Android devices getting slow and their Remedies.

Causes To Laggy Android Devices

Why My Android Device getting slow and their Remedies.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to flash ROM stock. Today I’m going to tell you some of the common reasons for Android devices getting slow and there remedies to overcome it. Yes! You heard it right. If you follow the given procedures below, then you can get back the normal speed of your Android phone.

Everyone hates it when the device hangs or keeps lagging all the time. If you are getting this problem on your device, then you are at the right place to have a colorful solution to get it resolved. We have picked some of the most common reasons for this slow response of the device and the solutions for it. Please go through the entire post.

  1. Keeping the Apps running blindly

When we keep on using our smartphones for longer times, we keep on downloading different applications and start using it. This normally burns down the efficiency of the Smartphones.  Usually, the android devices are also provided with the options such as disable and freeze/kill in it. But, using the disable option results in making the apps go weird.

Clean the Ram



Putting the apps to hibernation would comparatively reduce the phone getting slow.

When put in hibernation mode, the Apps works normally, when you click and initiate it to work after sometime. It’s just that you are putting the app to sleep mode for some time.


  1. Catching the Performance affecting Apps

Some apps running in the background such as the live widgets, Syncs and push notifications affects the battery life hardly. You can’t really notice why the battery is getting dropped high time, but these all would be the real reasons behind it. Sometimes, it feels like your phone’s efficiency has been decreased and people often think that it’s the time to get a new phone since; they don’t know the proper reason yet.

Tackling this error: There are many apps available on the internet which can detect the apps causing the health effect of the battery. All you have to do is to download and install the apps and charge it fully and let the App carry the rest. App takes its own time to recognize such apps causing serious drop in battery and gives you a perfect analysis to understand what’s going in background. One such application which is already available on internet is Wakelock detector.

Do, all the above mentioned procedures with Wakelock app installed on your computer, it shows the above real reasons affecting the battery health. Once, you have all the details, then its left to you to keep the app or send it to trash.

Catching the Performance affecting Apps


  1. Bulk memory

Storage space running out

When the storage hits up to 75-85 %, the Smartphones starts acting strange showing weird signs. The solution for this comes up with the cause. Whenever you feel like the phone is getting slow or if there is any response log, then you can go ahead and check the memory of the device. It is always recommended to keep the memory available as much as possible.


  1. Gaming

If you are a gamer and is addicted to mobile games a lot and spend too much of time in games, then your device must be experiencing some lag. This normally happens since the services and applications running in the background eats’ up the device memory. I will suggest you some of the ways to optimize your RAM.


You can try Autokiller Memory optimizer for optimizing the RAM. Here, the Autokiller kills the applications which are affecting the RAM.


  1. Neglecting the Initial lag

All the android devices contain Memory Controller, hardware which continuous feedback about the storage memory available inside the system. This information is then passed on to the Android system. When the memory controller fails to get the feedback, then it results in phone getting extremely slow. Use AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

Remedy: Check the input output activity of the device with cool-tool system Stats to check the system response.


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