Apps That Write Your Essays for You and Boost Your Grade

Apps That Write Your Essays for You and Boost Your Grade

Apps That Write Your Essays for You and Boost Your Grade

As a student, you know that writing essays can be a daunting task. You also know that the grades you get for those essays can significantly affect your overall grade point average. That’s why more and more students are turning to apps to help them write essays. This blog post will discuss seven of the best apps for essay writing. We’ll also discuss how each app can help you boost your grade!

  1. Essay Master

While it’s easier to buy cheap essays online, using an app like Essay Master can save your precious time and money in the long run. This app walks you through the essay writing process, from brainstorming to organizing your ideas to editing and proofreading. It has templates for common essay types, such as argumentative and compare/contrast essays. Essay Master offers a cloud backup feature to make it even better, so you never have to stress over losing your work.

  1. Grammarly

There is no doubt that good grammar is essential for writing clearly and effectively. However, many people struggle with grammar rules, which can often lead to errors in their writing. The Grammarly app can help you to avoid such mistakes by checking your work for errors and suggesting corrections. In addition, the app can also provide you with helpful tips on grammar and style. As a result, using Grammarly can help you to write better essays and boost your grades. Of course, knowing the basics of grammar is still important, but the app can be a valuable tool for catching mistakes and improving your writing.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a helpful note-taking app that can be extremely helpful when writing essays. It allows you to collect and organize all your thoughts and ideas in one place, which can be very useful when you’re trying to brainstorm or develop a thesis statement. Additionally, Evernote can be synced across all your devices, so you can access your notes no matter where you are. This can be very helpful if you need to edit quickly while you’re on the go. Finally, Evernote’s search function can come in handy when trying to find a specific piece of information that you know is buried in your notes. Evernote is a great tool that can help you write better essays and boost your grades.

  1. EasyBib

Another important aspect of writing a good essay is properly citing your sources. EasyBib can make this process much easier, as it helps you create citations in various formats, such as MLA and APA. In addition, the app allows you to store and organize all of your sources, making it simpler to incorporate them into your essay. Using EasyBib can save you time and help ensure that your essay has proper citations, which can boost your grade.

  1. Dragon Dictation

Sometimes, typing out an essay can be tedious and time-consuming. If you find yourself struggling with writer’s block or want to try something different, consider using the Dragon Dictation app. This app allows you to dictate your thoughts, which can help to get the creative juices flowing and make the writing process more enjoyable. Plus, you can edit and format your dictated essay within the app, making it a convenient and efficient tool for any writer.

  1. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor app is another fantastic tool for improving your writing. It checks for errors in grammar and style, as well as readability. The app highlights problem areas in different colors, making it easier to identify and correct issues in your writing. In addition, the Hemingway Editor offers suggestions for improving your writing and making it clearer and more concise. This app can help you write better essays and boost your grades by ensuring that your writing is error-free and easy to understand.

  1. is an app that uses music to improve focus and concentration. When you use the app, you’ll choose a task-oriented mode—such as “work” or “study”—and then select the type of music you want to listen to. The app will then create a custom playlist of songs designed to help you stay focused on your task. In addition to the music, also offers a variety of soundscape options, such as “coffee shop” or “rainforest,” which can also help you focus and blocks out distractions. While it’s not specifically designed for writing essays, can be an excellent tool for improving your focus and concentration while you work. And if you’re able to focus better while you write, you’re likely to produce a better essay overall. So if you want a way to improve your grades, give a try.

  1. Essay Map

The Essay Map app is a tool that can help you write better essays and improve your grades. The app provides a step-by-step guide to essay writing and includes a range of resources to help you research and write your essay. The app also allows you to save your essays to access them later. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is free to download.

The first step in using the app is to select the type of essay you want to write. There are four types of essays: argumentative, compare and contrast, narrative, and cause and effect. Once you have selected the type of essay you want, the app will provide a list of suggested topics. You can also choose to enter your topic. After you have selected a topic, the app will provide a step-by-step guide to writing your essay. The guide includes instructions on researching your topic, structuring your essay, and writing your thesis statement. 

The app also includes a range of resources to help you with your essay, including an essay map, a research tool, and a writing checklist. Once you have finished writing your essay, the app will provide proofreading and editing tips. The Essay Map app is valuable for students who want to improve their essay-writing skills.

Final Words

As you can see, numerous apps can assist you in writing better essays and boosting your grades. Whether it’s organizing your thoughts, improving grammar, or increasing focus, these apps offer valuable resources for students looking to improve their essay writing skills. So why not try one (or a few) of them? You may see an improvement in your grades. Good luck!

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