Steps for Installing S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Galaxy with Tripped KNOX


Samsung health Can't be opened on rooted device

Install S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Galaxy with Tripped KNOX

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our page, hope everyone is doing well. Today, I’m writing a post on using the S-health or Samsung-Health fitness app on rooted S6, S6 Plus, S7 , S7 edge, S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, devices.

What’s S-Health and Why Can’t Run S-Helth?

Who doesn’t love being fit? Everyone who loves being fit always have a fitness tracker usually installed in their mobile. If you are one without one such app, then I would seriously recommend this app. S-health is a fitness app developed by Samsung for tracking you activities, wellness etc. let’s see what all does it do?


  • Tracks your activity by tracking what you eat, do and drink.
  • Tracks your wellness by monitoring weight, blood glucose level, tracks your sleep pattern and heart rate.
  • You can track your intake here.
  • Auto-Detection of works out.
  • Syncs your trackers.

Install S-Health App on Rooted Samsung devices with Tripped KNOX


Why on rooted devices despite being a Samsung developed App?

A fair question usually asked by everyone. S-health has their apps in different versions. But the versions above 5.0 are not supported by any Samsung galaxy devices. It will work only if it’s rooted or KNOX warranty void counter is tripped. When you try to open the App, it will throw the following error on screen.

If your phone is rooted and running on Stock firmware, then first thing I would prefer you is to install this app right away. I’m now going to provide you the detailed steps to install and stay fit.


  1. Download  Root Browser or root explorer. 
  2. Open the root file manager you installed on your phone and grant it root permission if prompted.
  3. Go to /system folder and open it.
  4. Search  for a file named build.prop and click on it to open.
  5. Search for the below shown entry in the build.prop.


7. Modify the  numerical value for this entry from “1” to “0” as shown below:


  1. Click on Save icon on the top-left corner of the screen to save the changes.
  2. Exit the root file explorer app and then reboot your phone.


After rebooting, the App should work perfectly. Congo! Now, start getting fit! Please go through our other posts, it might help you and your friends. Please feel free to leave comments below. One of us will get back to you real Quick. Have a good day, Cheers!

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