Ready for the Fashion of the Future? Try On These 10 Wearables Today!

Ready for the Fashion of the Future? Try On These 10 Wearables Today!

Ready for the Fashion of the Future? Try On These 10 Wearables Today!

We are introducing you to some wearable technology like fitness bands and smartwatches. But there is so much more out there. These 10 fashionable and futuristic Wearables are already available for you to try on!

Tech firms aren’t happy with making your house a sentient creature. They now want to add your daily clothes in the mix.

The next step in the rapidly growing field of smart technology is wearables. And I’m not only talking about smartwatches and fitness bands. The variety of wearable electronics available would surprise you. Some of it is necessary, some of it is needless, and some of it is just plain weird.

The absurd has never bothered us at MakeUseOf because, after all, what’s weird now will be mainstream tomorrow.

Continue reading if you want to see how future fashion will appear. Here are 10 fashionable and futuristic Wearables we’ll all be employing in a few years that we’ll introduce to you.

1. Token Ring

Let’s begin with some jewelry. The Token Ring, which costs $249, can do many things that you cannot even imagine.
With the help of the Token Ring, you can unlock your front door, log into apps and services, make payments in more than 15 million stores, pay for public transportation, and even start your vehicle.
Token has worked with Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, and a plethora of other organizations to bring you future-proof capabilities, making it far from a “here today, gone tomorrow” technology.

2. Fever Scout

A wearable thermometer called Fever Scout is intended for worried parents of sick children. The process is remarkably simple for parents thanks to this wearable. It also reduces any fear of kids when taking their body temperature.

Parents can apply the 61mm x 41mm patch to a child’s body, and the associated Android or iOS app will get regular updates about the wearer’s body temperature.

The software itself may send notifications, if the patient’s temperature changes suddenly. It allows you to create personalized recovery notes, and shows all the data in a variety of graphs and charts.

Fever Scout costs about $60 and is available at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

3. Smarter Socks

One of the weirdest items on this list is a pair of smarter socks. When I covered some of the most weird smart technology in the world, I took a look at a pair of smart socks, but these foot ornaments take smart clothing to a completely new way.

fashionable and futuristic Wearables

The smart feature in Smarter Socks focuses on organizing rather than providing helpful feedback on parameters like number of steps and walking technique.

Your socks communicate with you via a tiny sensor. It tells you the things like how frequently you have washed them, whether their color has faded, and which socks go in pairs. For $189, you can get a set of 10 pairs if you prefer to know about facts of this type.

4. Smart Pajamas [No Longer Available]

I am aware that you love your little baby. And yes, I am aware that reading bedtime stories to your child should be a wonderful experience. However, as a parent. you must agree that telling the same story five times a week might get old after a while.  

So why don’t you give Smart Pajamas hard work? They have pre-loaded with 90 storybooks, including fairy tales, children’s books, and poems. The books will begin playing as soon as you use the smartphone app to scan the dots on the pajamas.

5. PetPace Collar

With the PetPace Collar, your furry pet can now proudly show his wearables in the dog park, proving that wearable technology isn’t just for people.

fashionable and futuristic Wearables

The collar continuously monitors your pet’s vital signs and behavioral habits and notifies your smartphone if there any abnormalities. This enables you to treat your pet’s medical conditions far before you may become aware of any symptoms. Additionally, you can purchase a monitoring plan subscription that will instantly notify your veterinarian if anything goes wrong.

Plans start at $159.

6. LikeAGlove Leggings

It is not always easy to find the jeans that perfectly. Fitting rooms may be a nightmare for many.No two brands are precisely the same in terms of size, shape, or cut. With accurate measurement of your size, LikeAGlove Leggings hope to remove the surprise factor.

They link to a smartphone app using a built-in Bluetooth sensor, which quickly calculates your dimensions.

The app searches for products that will properly suit you using the information it has collected. The Levi’s, Banana Republic, Old Navy, 7 For All Mankind, Gap, Citizens of Humanity, American Eagle, and other well-known companies are partners with the LikeAGlove Leggings. Through the “progress” page of the app, you can also use these leggings to easily track and record your measurements as you lose weight.

7. Athos Sports Wear

The sports industry has benefited from smart clothing. Athletes are getting access to an incredible amount of real-time data thanks to the combination of monitoring and feedback.

Athos Sports Wear

Athos is one of the top brands for regular customers. A calorie counter, an activity timer, heart rate monitoring, biometric tracking, and monitoring of muscle activity are all features of the company’s line of smart clothing.

There are various items available, such as shirts, shorts, and leggings.

8. Solar-Powered Jackets

Nothing is more annoying than running out of power while far from a power source. You could surely bring a portable power supply with you, but what if there was a simpler solution?

fashionable and futuristic Wearables

There is as a result of Silvrling. The business sells a variety of garments with solar panels integrated into them. However, they may not appear very fashionable (it’s difficult to look cool when you’re carrying a notepad-sized solar panel in your front pocket), but they work just fine.

I just have one question: why would anyone want a raincoat with solar panels?

9. Spectacles by Snap [No Longer Available]

With Google Glass, the company introduced smart glasses to the general public in 2013. The Google glasses may have been ahead of their time and eventually died a gradual death, Snapchat has taken the smart glasses reins and is running with them.

A button on the Snap eyeglasses records a 10-second video from the wearer’s view when activated. To make sure everyone understands you are live-recording, the camera is even encircled by glowing lights.

Any video you capture with the eyewear is instantly sent to Snapchat as a memory. Your buddies can view it from there.

However, the spectacles cost $129.99 and are available in coral, teal, or black.

10. Thync

When you’ve had a long day at work, how do you relax? Most people will take a hot bath, prepare a tasty meal, or watch their favorite television program.

Check out Thync if you’re looking for a more futuristic stress reliever. You can also wear the device on the forehead or neck. It promises to reduce tension, reduce anxiety, and enhance your sleep. It functions by electrically stimulating your head’s nerves at low levels.

According to the Thync website, the therapy has a good impact on four out of every five patients. Since the device costs $149 up front and an additional $29 each month, an 80% success rate doesn’t sound all that promising.

Give Us Your Fashion Tips

I’ve given you 10 examples of fashionable and futuristic Wearables that are gaining popularity.

How practical do you think wearable technology like smart clothing is? Are modern devices like these a preview of things to come? Or are they a useless fad created by businesses hoping to profit from the smart home revolution? Would you intentionally wear any of them?

In the comments section below, you can also share your thoughts about fashionable and futuristic Wearables and the future of fashion. Also, be sure to let your friends know about the story so you can find out what they think.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is wearable technology in fashion?

Wearable technology: What Is It? Electronic gadgets (also popularly known as “wearables”) like smartwatches, rings, glasses, accessories, sensors built into clothing and shoes, tattoos on the skin, and even implants in the body are included in the category of wearable technology.

Why are wearable devices trending?

The use of these wearable devices can also help people with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure better control and monitor their cardiovascular function. The growing popularity of wearable health technology is a result of its ease of use and efficiency.

Why do we need wearable technology?

We can track our GPS locations, keep an eye on our fitness levels, and also read text messages more rapidly thanks to wearable technologies. The best part is that the majority of the gadgets that let us do this are hands-free and portable, so we don’t need to take them out of our pockets. These fashionable and futuristic Wearables will make your life convenient.

How does a solar jacket work?

The membrane, an extremely thin layer wrapped in a transparent mesh that keeps rain out and lets the heat out. It is the key component of the jacket’s glowing technology. Designed using a phosphorescent material. It quickly absorbs any light it detects and gently reemits it over time.

What are smart wearables?

These wearable devices are used for tracking information on real time basis. They have motion sensors that capture an image of your daily activity and sync it also with laptops or mobile devices. The next major development in technology after the creation of the smartphones is wearable electronics.

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