Speed up your device like a rocket after rooting

Speed up your device like a rocket after rooting

Speed up your device like a rocket after rooting

We know that android speed goes down after rooting.So today we are going to resolve that issue.We are going to share an interesting article on How to speed up your android smart phone after rooting.Go through the whole post to know about it.

Android phones have become virul these days.More than billions of people use
android phones.Many of them have the issue of their Android phone slowing down
with time.

We are going to help you to fix that issue.

There are many factors that can be responsible for the slowing down of you android device.
It can be due to low memory,RAM or some other problems like viruses and lots of other factors.
So to speed up your device you should root it.Read the following post to
Boost up your device after rooting.

What is Android Rooting?

It is the process of allowing users of android phones,tablets,and other devices
running the android mobile OS to get the full control and authority within Android system.

You will get the opportunity to act as your android phone’s admin,once you
root your phone. It provides you the facility to completely remove and replace you device’s operating system.
There are many apps that run only in rooted android phones.And by these apps you can easily speed up your device.

Best Root Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device.

I will this app as the first and best because this very simple and effective in increasing the battery life of you android.
It will hibernate your background apps.You also have the option to hibernate yous apps and let the remaining apps like face book and whats app run normal.
Do you know that these background apps drain your battery even when they are not in use?This app is very popular and friendly so that Give it a try.

If you want to flash new ROMs and taste new versions of android in your android phone,then this is a great app.
You can get the list of all the famous ROMs available for your android phone from this app.
You can download those from this app and it also saves your time. You can try the premium version of this app is worth and you can give it try.

  • Titanium Backup Root

IF you want to do lots of flashing on your device,then this the app for you.
This is the very best app to back your data and ROM.It provides lots of options for that.
Not only that,you also can freeze your apps and convert them into user
apps and much more.
I really suggest you this app as it is really a great one.

  • Trickster Mod

This is really a wonderful app.I agree that there are many apps which can do the same tasks that this does.
But the support and the great interface of this app beats them all.
From this app you can overclock your phone to run like a butterfly and undervolt it to increase your battery life .
This app is really a must in your smart phone.try it.

  • Smart Booster

Have you ever felt that you phone is sluggish when playing games?
Does your phone restarts during heavy usage?
Then this is the right app for you.RAM booster digs into your phone’s RAM and
clears out unwanted usage by background apps and provides some more RAM for the apps that you
are using.If you want more snappies in your phone,use this app.

  • Root Firewall Pro

This app can help you,if you have been low on your data bandwidth.Using this app,
you can block apps from using internet while you can selectively enable it for the apps that you are
using.IT has the options to separate 2G 3G,4G and WIFI networks enable for selected
apps.It also has the process of blocking.

Do you know that so many people especially Android device users have thanked to this app?

What is Link2SD is used for?

This is very useful for the apps with low internal storage capacity.
This can be used for moving the data of the applications we have been installed to the 2nd partition of the SD card.

The above are some methods to speed up your android phone after rooting. The main working of this method is on root apps that helps to speed up android and also you can complete access over the working of your android. Hope that this post became useful to you.Thank you for reading.

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