How to check for updates on the Galaxy Watch 4

How to check for updates on the Galaxy Watch 4

How to check for updates on the Galaxy Watch 4

Very often, the Galaxy Watch 4 gets vital updates for the improvement of the already efficient Wear OS smartwatch.  Certainly, to have the best advantages of improvements to your Galaxy Watch, you have to make sure the device is updated at right time.

In this guide, we will show you how to check the incoming updates of your Galaxy Watch using two methods and how to update the Galaxy Watch 4.

How do the updates occur in Galaxy Watch 4?

Since its launch in August of 2021, a huge number of regular updates have come out for the Galaxy Watch 4. Many of them were firmware updates reserved for the improvement of the steadiness and its performance. They have made sure the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs or functions at top speed and performance.

After that two main content updates have been launched. These updates give us new features like additional workouts, developed sleep tracking, and many more functions.  It is difficult to hold down an accurate schedule for the Galaxy Watch 4 and for its updates. But according to the things we see right now Samsung works hard to keep pace with Galaxy watch 4 . And they have promised new software updates for this Galaxy Watch 4 in the future.

Does the Galaxy Watch automatically gets updated?

The old versions of the Galaxy Watch had this feature, and it was a support to make things easier and simple. You do not need to check very often for the updates and give each of them when you see it.  There is the chance of getting downloaded and updated while it is on charge.

But note that, you do not have this option in Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Orderly to get the newest updates whether software or content, you have to start the download and install by yourself manually. The bright side is the easiness of doing things by here (Installing the new updates).

How do I update the Galaxy Watch 4?

We will show you two methods to update the Galaxy Watch 4. You can do it from the smartwatch by itself. But you will find some difficulties with this method. If your watch does not have enough battery percentage, you have to put it into the charger. Then you have to wait until it becomes more than 30% battery. If there is any screen lock put into your smartwatch, you will find some difficulties. You have to enter the password every time when you come to use the Smarwtach after some period of time. But the passwords are essential if you are using Samsung pay or else Google Play.

Our recommendation for you is to Update your Galaxy Watch 4 with the Galaxy Wearable app. You may have already installed using this when you set up the Galaxy Watch for the first time. Then as we said we are going through both methods. So now let us look at how to update the Galaxy Watch by the watch itself.

Updating through the watch itself

  1. Go down from the watch face and select the settings cog of your samrt watch.
  2. Go to the down where the  Software update is and Click it
  3. Now the Galaxy watch will check for updates. If there is one available, you will be redirected to install the update. Select  Initiate the update.

You better put the Galaxy Watch to the charger after the installation begins. This will reduce the risk of failing your task.

Updating through the Android Device

If you are willing to update the Samsung Watch 4 by using any Android device, here is the method for you.

  1. Go to the  Galaxy Wearable app on the Android device you are using
  2. Please make sure to select the watch and after that go to  Watch settings.
  3. Go to the bottom and select  Watch software update.
  4. Now the device will search for any latest updates if any available. If there are any updates you will see two options. Install overnight and Install now. Select your preferred one.
  5. If the Install Now is selected, your phone will download the update and install it on the device at that same moment.

You have to note that the installation time depends on the size of the new update. The content updates make a big-time like five to fifteen minutes. You have to check the updating process very often, it does not matter the installation method you are using. These updates are very essential for the Samsung watch to make the system free from bugs and to stream with the latest versions.

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