How to Update Your Galaxy Watch

How to Update Your Galaxy Watch

How to Update Your Galaxy Watch

What to Know

  • To determine your current Tizen version, click the App button on the Watch and navigate to Settings > About Galaxy Watch > Software.
  • Back up the watch by going to Account and backup > Back up and restore > Backup Settings > Back up now in the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • To update the watch, navigate to Home > About Watch > Update Watch Software > Download and install it from the app.

How to Determine the Version of Your Software

Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system, is used in Samsung watches. Unfortunately, when it comes to upgrades, Samsung’s watches are not especially user-friendly. The software version may be seen on the watch, but to update, you must go to the app on your phone.

It’s perplexing, so here’s how to update your Galaxy Watch.

  1. First, you must establish which Tizen version your smartwatch is running. To do so, push your watch’s App button. Navigate to the Settings > About Watch menu.
  2. Select Software. Your Tizen version will be listed under the heading “Tizen Version.”
How to Update Your Galaxy Watch
  1. Verify that the version number corresponds to the version stated at the top of this article. If it’s the same, you’re good to go. If not, it’s time to upgrade.

How to Make a Backup of Your Watch Before Updating It

Before installing an update, make a backup of your watch’s software. When you update the operating system of a device, your settings and data may be jeopardized.

  1. The backup option is located under Account and backup in the Galaxy Wearable app.
  1. Then, select Backup and Restore > Backup Settings.
How to Update Your Galaxy Watch
  1. You’ll find a list of everything that can be backed up here. Deselect everything you don’t want, then click Back up now.
How to Update Your Galaxy Watch

How to Install an Update for Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

While you can only check for your watch’s software version on the device, you can only upgrade your watch via the app on your phone. Launch the Samsung Wearable app to check for updates.

  1. Scroll down and hit About watch > Update watch software after tapping the Home tab at the bottom of the screen.
How to Update Your Galaxy Watch
  1. Select Download and install.
  1. Follow the steps to install and update if necessary. If not, you will be informed that you have the most recent version. Select OK.
How to Update Your Galaxy Watch
  1. You can also toggle the option to Auto download via Wi-Fi in this section. If you do not want updates to be installed automatically, you may disable this option. It is turned on by default.

We recommend that you leave this option enabled since it is always a good idea to have the most recent version of software installed. If you keep this option enabled, updates will be downloaded automatically when you connect to W-Fi, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date software.

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