How to download and install watchOS 8.5 on your Apple Watch

How to download and install watchOS 8.5 on your Apple Watch

How to download and install watchOS 8.5 on your Apple Watch

Downloading and installing watchOS 8.5 on your Apple Watch

What are the  latest features in watchOS

In 2022 March 14, Apple released watchOS 8.5

WatchOS 8.5 next version is here brought to you. Now you have the ability to install the watchOS 8.5 on the Apple Watch. And there are 37 new emojis, you can use all of them on your Watch. And it supports the new Siri voice option in American English.

How do I download and install the updated watchOS?

  1. First, update the iPhone to iOS 15 or to a later one.
  2. Link the iPhone to the Wi-Fi and go to the watch app.
  3. You have to charge the Apple Watch for even nearly 50%. Then connect the watch with the magnetic charger.
  4. Click on the My Watch tab.
  5. Click on General
  6. Click on Software Update.
  7. Select Download and Install.
  8. Enter the iPhone Passcode when it prompts.
  9. Click on Agree on the Terms and Conditions.
  10. Click Proceed on the Watch, then it will start the download.
  11. Input the Passcode on the Apple Watch.

After that, the update of the watchOS will download. Next, transfer it to the Apple Watch and it will start rebooting to apply the updates. There you can follow the progress in the Apple Watch display. After it is completed everything will be ready to function.

How can I pick up the speed of Apple Watch updates? (The reasons not to do so)

If you have ever been worried about the long time period it takes to download and install the updates on the Apple Watch, there are methods to increase the speed of the watch. If you turn off the Bluetooth at the correct time you will be able to increase the speed of the watch. But I do not recommend it to you.

There is the possibility to function the below-given steps. But if you take it at the wrong time, there can be serious problems with the installation and to your Apple Watch. If you are sure about yourself and if it is the correct moment, you can follow the given steps with a risk.

After clicking on Download and Install follow the below-given steps.

  1. Input the Apple Watch or iPhone passcode when it finishes the prompting.
  2. Go to the settings on the iPhone after that you will receive an estimation of the time remaining in the Apple watch downloading in the software update menu.
  3. Click on Bluetooth
  4. Select the Bluetooth icon then it will come to the white-off position.
  5. Go to the Watch app on the iPhone.
  6. Then cancel the prompt in the Software Update menu. If all functions are done correctly (but not guaranteed) the iPhone will again come to use the Wi-Fi network and have the update, not with Bluetooth.
  7. Go to the settings on the iPhone, when the Installation button appears at the bottom of the Software update page you will see.
  8. Select Bluetooth.
  9. Click on Bluetooth then it will turn into the green color on position.
  10. Go to the Watch app
  11. Select Install.

And again I am telling you not to do this. Because there is the possibility of harming the update.

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