How to Connect an iPhone to a Bluetooth Speaker

You can play music or audio from your iPhone through an external speaker. If you do not know how to Connect an iPhone to a Bluetooth Speaker, this is for you.

What to Know

  • To begin pairing, press the Bluetooth speaker’s pairing or power button.
  • To pair your Bluetooth speaker, go to Settings > Bluetooth and then click on it.
  • First, make sure you turn on iPhone Bluetooth.  Bluetooth on by selecting Settings > Bluetooth.

You will learn how to Connect an iPhone to a Bluetooth Speaker in this article, as well as what to do if your iPhone is unable to recognize the speaker.

How to Enable Bluetooth on iPhone

Make sure Bluetooth turn on your Apple device before pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker. Here’s how to enable your iPhone’s Bluetooth.

Note: All iOS devices, including all iPhone and iPad generations, will follow these procedures.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the toggle next to Bluetooth until it’s green.
Connect an iPhone to a Bluetooth Speaker

4. Now you have enabled bluetooth

How Do I Get My iPhone to Recognize a Bluetooth Speaker?

To pair up a Bluetooth speaker with your iPhone, you have to set the speaker into pairing mode. Then it will ready to respond. Here’s how to pair the two devices and what to do next.

  1. Look for the Bluetooth logo on a button on your Bluetooth speaker. Hold down the button until a light starts to flash.

Note: You might need to click a different set of buttons on some devices. For further information on how to activate pairing mode on a Bluetooth speaker, see the speaker instructions.

2. Tap settings, on your Phone

3. Tap  Bluetooth

4. Click the name of the device once it appears

Connect an iPhone to a Bluetooth Speaker

5. Wait some time until your device pair up with the Bluetooth speaker.

6. Now your Phone and Bluetooth speaker has connected together.

Tip: You can turn off your speaker at anytime to disconnect.

Why Is My iPhone Not Connecting to My Bluetooth Speaker?

If you have tried above steps but still your phone does not connect to Bluetooth speaker, there is a relatively simple solution to it. Sometimes Bluetooth of your phone did not turn on or the devices locate apart from each other. But there may be some other reasons too for not connecting. For additional information, see our article for when the Bluetooth on your iPhone stops working.

How Do I Play Music Through My Bluetooth Speaker?

Using your Bluetooth speaker to play music doesn’t require any additional steps. After pairing your Bluetooth speaker with your phone, you can play your music as you normally do. Then after your audio or music will play via your Bluetooth speaker.

How to Unpair Your Bluetooth Speaker From Your iPhone

If you think that you do not want to pair up our Bluetooth speaker and phone anymore, it is very simple to remove pairing. If you are going to sell it or not using the speaker anymore, you will have to do it. This is what you have to do.

Note: After unpairing, to use the Bluetooth speaker via your iPhone, you have to repair and reconnect the speaker to use again.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap the device name. 
  • Tap Forget This Device
Unpairing a device

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your Bluetooth name on iPhone?

There are two methods you can try to change the Bluetooth name on an iPhone. One, go to Settings General About Name and give your phone a new customized name. Or, two, go to Settings Bluetooth > Choose connected Bluetooth accessory > Name.

How do you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone?

You can connect multiple smart speakers to your iPhone using a third-party app like AmpMe, Bose Connect, or Ultimate Ears.

How do you connect an iPhone to a car’s Bluetooth?

If your car supports CarPlay, plug your iPhone into the USB port, then click and hold the voice command button. In your iPhone, go to Settings General CarPlay > Available Cars and choose your vehicle. Check your vehicle’s manual for more information on how to pair with a Bluetooth device.

How do you connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone?

One Bluetooth speaker can often only be connected to a device at once. You can connect number of speakers using a few apps, including AmpMe, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears. Additionally, you may pair your iPhone with two HomePod speakers by using Apple’s HomePod Stereo Pair feature.

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